Hand Carry Courier Service

If you’re looking for a personalised door to door delivery of your business’ urgent, important parcel, Pony Express provide a hand carry courier service that is ideally suited to your needs. 

Why Hand Carry Couriers?

When you arrange for your parcel to be delivered by a standard postal service, chances are high that your parcel will end up being one of many in the back of a delivery van or an air freight hold. 
Unfortunately, your parcel won’t be treated as your driver’s priority, which means it may be delivered later than you’d have liked. There’s also a risk that your parcel could become damaged in transit, or, even worse, lost in post. 
A hand carry courier service eliminates these risks. At Pony Express, our hand carry couriers are assigned a single parcel per delivery, and they travel from door to door with your parcel alone, giving it the priority treatment you’re looking for. 

Types of Hand Carry Delivery

Based in the UK, with drivers stationed all across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, our hand carry courier service allows for speedy, efficient international same day deliveries. 
Rather than arranging for your parcel to be shipped or flown to another country on a cargo plane, we will assign a driver to hand-deliver your parcel overseas, storing the parcel as a hand luggage item while on board the flight to your requested destination. 

Delivery When You Need It

Our team are available day and night, and we’re not limited to standard working hours. We understand that you may need to arrange for an unexpected, last-minute hand carry delivery, and our drivers are here for you whenever that time arises. 
You can contact us 24-hours a day, including on weekends and bank holidays. We’ll usually be able to get started with your delivery within 60 minutes of your online order confirmation, and can hand-deliver parcels across the world to your chosen destination on a same day basis. 
If you’re in need of a hand courier service for the imminent future, we’re happy to schedule your delivery and assign a driver to the job on your requested delivery date. Let us know exactly when your delivery deadline is, and we’ll be sure to hand-deliver your parcel before then. 

Contact Us

At Pony Express, we know that offering delivery services with a personal touch is what makes our hand carry solutions so popular with our clients. We truly care about keeping your business’ goods in a safe and secure environment during an international delivery, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure this. With our range of delivery executives, from London to Glasgow and Liverpool to Norwich, we have a tailored solution to suit everyone. 
If you’re in need of an urgent hand carry courier service for an overseas parcel delivery, request a free quote to get started as soon as possible. You can also request a call back to speak to a member of our team in person if you have any questions you’d like to ask.