Motorbike Courier Service

If you need a small parcel or letter delivered with speed, Pony Express offer a motorbike courier service that is ideal for the job. Contact us to learn more about our service or request a free quote to get started with delivery today. 

How You’ll Benefit from Motorbike Delivery

With motorbike delivery, there’s no messing around. You can guarantee that your business’ urgent parcel will be handled quickly and efficiently. 
Our trained motorcyclists have the advantage of being able to flit through traffic and avoid congestion. They can ensure that your parcel or letter reaches your destination faster, because speed is on their side. 
You can rest assured that your business’ goods are handled with the appropriate care and safety. Our motorbike couriers are fully competent in both driving and handling items of a range of weights and specifications. With decades of experience behind them, you can trust them to treat your parcel as priority and handle it correctly throughout the delivery. 

Where We Deliver To

If you live in the UK, you’re qualified for our motorbike courier service. We have couriers based nationwide, in England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland, and it takes us less than 60 minutes to collect your parcel after we’ve confirmed your order. 
We offer same day motorbike delivery to or from any destination, though we usually use our fleet of motorbikes for shorter trips. City centre deliveries in particular can benefit from the use of motorbikes; we can beat the city traffic and take the fastest routes to deliver your parcel across town in no time at all. 
Our motorbike delivery is especially popular in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Swansea, Sheffield, York, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast. 

What We Deliver

Motorbike delivery is ideal for smaller parcels and envelopes that will comfortably fit in a driver’s delivery bag or box on the vehicle. Confidential documents, important letters, personal shopping and food orders, small items for IT and manufacturing jobs, retail products and much more can all be delivered via motorbike.
Delicate and breakable items may not be suitable for motorbike delivery, though we do pride ourselves on providing a high level of safety and parcel protection throughout delivery. Dangerous items, temperature sensitive goods and heavier items may also be more suited to delivery in one of our vans. 

Contact Us

When you get in touch with us for same day delivery, if your parcel would benefit from motorbike delivery, we’ll automatically select that as an option. This will help us to provide a more cost-effective solution for you, as well as providing you with a speedier overall delivery. 
Whether you’re looking for a one-off motorbike delivery or you need regular transportation of small packages, parcels or envelopes, we’re happy to be of assistance. There’s no need to sign up to our service to get started – just fill out our contact form for a free, no obligation quote from our team. We can also chat to you on the phone in more detail about your requirements if you’d prefer.