Emergency Courier Service

If you have an urgent parcel or letter that you need to deliver immediately, Pony Express offer an emergency same day courier service that won’t let you down. 

Our Emergency Delivery

Our team of dedicated and expert couriers ensure that your emergency parcels are handled with the speed and efficiency that you’re looking for. We’re one of the UK’s leading delivery providers, and can offer our services at a value that’s fair to you. 
Whether you need a critical business document delivered by bike across town, or you’ve bulk-bought or sold some items that need transporting on a lorry to a UK or European destination, we have the vehicles and the trained drivers on hand to help. 

Choosing the Service for You

We offer a number of different emergency delivery options depending on your requirements. Our drivers can select the appropriate mode of transportation depending on the size and specifications of the item that needs to be delivered. 
When you fill out our contact form, simply let us know the size and weight of your item. We can work out the logistics of your delivery from our end, even booking flights or ferries for overseas delivery, so you can relax in the knowledge that we’ve got it all under control. 

Booking our Service

Booking an emergency courier with Pony Express couldn’t be easier. Simply enter your details, including your parcel information and your pick up and drop off location, into our contact form to get an immediate quote from our team. If you’re happy to get started right away, you can simply book our service and pay the invoice there and then. We’ll then dispatch a driver to collect your parcel from your pick up location as soon as possible. 

Emergency Courier Locations

Pony Express operate all across the UK, with drivers stationed in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for your convenience. This means that we don’t have to waste time sending a driver across the country to collect your parcel, so delivery can get started sooner. 
We can deliver nationally by car, bike, van or lorry to anywhere in the UK. We treat all emergency deliveries as a priority, assigning a single courier to the job and focusing only on your item, helping us to deliver it securely and quickly to your destination of choice. 
Our emergency courier service also extends to the rest of the world, so if you need an urgent item delivered internationally, we can do so on a same day basis. 

Contact Us

A business emergency can happen at any time, and we don’t believe you should waste precious minutes having to sign up with our service before getting started. We make booking a delivery with us as simple as filling out a contact form and receiving a quick free quote. 
With that said, if you’d like an over-the-phone chat with a member of our team, whether you have questions about our service or you’d like to work with us regularly, request a call back today. We can give you a call at a time that suits you best to discuss your needs.