Secure Courier Service

Pony Express are one of the top secure couriers in the UK, specialising in speedy and safe delivery for businesses and individuals on a national and international scale. If you need a secure delivery you can rely on, look no further than our round-the-clock secure delivery options. 

Our Secure Delivery Service

From small businesses who are looking to serve a greater customer base, to larger companies who need to streamline their methods of bulk sending and receiving items, the team at Pony Express can offer a flexible solution to suit all requirements. 
We operate a range of vehicles for delivery, from mopeds and small vans for secure delivery of a small parcel or letter across town, to large vans and lorries for national and international pallet delivery. Working all hours of the day, we can meet your deadlines and provide a secure delivery service at whatever time suits you best. 
We put plenty of concentration into our secure and efficient methods of delivery, offering the shipment of time-critical items with an impressive turnaround time. Whether you have a high value item that you can’t trust a standard postal service to deliver; you have urgent medical specimens that need instant transportation to a hospital or laboratory; or you’re just looking for a courier who knows how to correctly handle your business’ goods, our secure delivery service is for you.  

Secure Delivery Locations

No matter where in the UK you’re based, we can provide a local service, collecting your parcel within 60 minutes of your request, as we have drivers situated all across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 
We offer one of the largest coverages for secure, same day delivery in the UK, and we can deliver your parcel from anywhere in the UK across the country, or even overseas, depending on your requirements. From London to Edinburgh, Leeds to Birmingham, we can safely and securely deliver your parcel anywhere, at any time. 
Our international secure delivery provides our customers with a much more reliable overseas delivery that they can count on whenever they need it. When you book a secure international delivery with us, you can guarantee that your parcel won’t just be tossed amongst others and flown to your destination – instead, one of our couriers will hand-deliver the item, carrying it on board their flight as a hand luggage item. 

Tracking Your Delivery

One of the simplest ways to ensure that your parcel is safely en route to your delivery destination is by using our innovative tracking system. You can monitor your parcel until it has been successfully delivered, or, if you don’t have time to check up on your parcel’s location, you can still stay informed through our regular texts or emails. 

Contact Us

Pony Express are committed to ensuring the safest and most secure delivery of your business’ items, with no exceptions. Fill out our contact form to let us know more about your requirements, and we can provide you with an immediate free quote and get started right away.